Road Map

Ringcold Swiss Crypto for NGO’s


strategy & project plan

Q1 2020

Ringcold was created

We created Ringcold Swiss SA

Q4 2020

Project Idea Crypto RGC

We launched RGC Token by Ringcold. Based on Ethereum blockchain. 100 M supply

Q1 2021

Business Conception

Start of the Ringcold Crypto Platform Development. It is a long established fac.

Q4 2021

Crypto Exchange

We launched our Crypto Exchange Platform Ringcold Trading. Many assets available. ERC-20 wallet and BEP-20 wallet will be available soon.

Q1 2022

RGC listed on Coinsbit

Exciting announcement for our community congrats! Ringcold has been listed on Coinsbit (10th biggest platform exchange in the world)

Q4 2022

App Mobile

Targeted marketing strategy. We are creating an new mobile App available soon on mobile Stores.

Q4 2022

New Website

Discover our new Ringcold website.

Q2 2023

Expand Project : Credit Card

Ringcold is developping new credit card concept that anyone can use to purchase on stores and get back RGC rewards.

Q2 2023

Stacking Mode

Targeted marketing strategy. We are creating an new mobile Stacking Mode on our trading platform.

Q4 2023


Metaverse gaming will be launched at the end of 2023 year. We are waiting partnership approval.

Q4 2023

NFT Collectors

Ringcold is developping 3 NFT Collections more on Opensea.


New partnership

Ringcold discuss with few investors in order to financing new metaverse gaming. We discuss with many NGO's that we can help immediately.



Exciting announcement for our community ! Ringcold has target 3 biggest platform for listing RGC asset. This is our principal target for the 3 next years.