Ringcold Crypto Swiss was created in order to fund NGOs fighting against global warming

Ringcold Crypto For Earth

rgc token BASED ON Ethereum BLOCKCHAIN

Ringcold (RGC) is the fastest blockchain and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

  • 75% Distributed to Community.
  • 15% Reserved Funding.
  • 10% Founders and Team Management.
ETH Compatibility

Industry dominance, established tech stack, tools, languages. ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum technologie

Strong security

We have a well-encrypted and safe security system from the name theift

payment option

We depend Coinsbit payment, strong security, and full KYC and Payeer Credit Card System

Transparent information

Industry dominance, established tech stack, tools, languages. You can see all transactions on BsScan.

Join and help Ngo's around the world


You can buy Ringcold (RGC) on Coinsbit Platform or on Pancakeswap with this Smart Contract : 0xf575a16361692eb6b40afec4f87a32051e7a0de1


our services

our technology to serve NGO's fight against global warming

Online Payment

The platform helps investors to make easy to purchase.

Discount & Promo

Utilize a risk-base approach of monitoring crypto transactions and get back promotions available as soon as possible (only on our website)

NFT Collectioon

Invest on our NFTs Collection on OpenSea

Digital Saving

Unlock hidden evidance by tracing illicit activity.

Trade on Pancakeswap

You can go on pancakeswap to get RGC

Online Investment

Understand compliance and business intelligence by stacking

Total control with our website on your mobile phone and Tablets

Transaction system will never ask you for your wallet keys. Your funds will be securely held on a public listed blockchain within a uniquely created keyless smart contract. Coinsbit and Ringcold Exchange can offer you maximum security with all digitals networks.

The heart of the Blockchain value chain

Ringcold : fastest growing ecosystem

Ringcold (RGC) is growing on the Ethereum blockchain on ERC-20 token. 100M tokens available no more and no burn to come.

Ringcold Exchange Service

Ringcold looks for the best algorithms to make money. You can test our solution in the big exchange as you wish. The service is free for register and low trading fees.

You can trade on the RGC App everywhere

We have created a secure mobile application to simplify your trading activity. App available on Stores in December 2022.

Ringcold + Ethereum Blockchain for NGO's

Our solution is activated for NGOs that need funding quickly

Watch our animated nft collections on opensea

Ringcold has created 3 Animated NFT collections for collectors. 50 % of sells goes to help NGO’s fundrasing and the rest to goes web creators.


by 250+ clients all over the world


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